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World Class Event Staging and sound Services


Staging helps your event rise above.  Grab your audience’s attention and keep it.  Your presenters and performers will thank you.  Your attendees will be more likely to come back.  Your bottomline will look better.   SVS Production staging raises your standards.

Attention Amplification

More absorbing presentations and enthralling entertainment.  We provide staging and furnishing for indoor and outdoor events.  Recreate your venue into the ideal environment for your occassion.

Aesthetic Excellence

Create a stage the audience can’t take their eyes off of.  SVS Production Company provides irresistable stage design and installation.  Leverage our layout experience for fantastic focal points.

Space Transformation

Turn your location into the exact environment you need.  We provide expert lighting for indoor and outdoor events.  Make any setting more memorable with our bespoke lighting solutions.

From Details to Scale

We are masters of size and nuance.  From large-scale sound projects to specific audio effects, our team has seen it and done it before.  Leverage our team for both expertise and capacity.

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