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Event Management

Your staff is the glue that holds successful events together.  The wrong crew will ruin even the most well-planned event while the right team can turn tragedy into triumph.  SVS Production even staff earns loyal relationships with every smile.

Top-Tier Professionalism

SVS Production plan and organise promotional, business and social events. We responsible for running a range of events, ensuring the target audience is engaged and the message of the event is marketed properly. Events play a huge part in the success of a brand or an organisation.

Prepared for Anything

Your event needs a team that can keep cool under pressure.  We specialize in problem solving, with blueprints to diffuse any issue.  The outcome is clear, speedy resolutions to every concern.

From Details to Scale

We are masters of size and nuance.  From large-scale event staff to unique personnel needs, our lineups make it real.  We’ll carry the weight so your event can take flight beyond your expectations.

Radio Hire

Media and Production sets can be challenging to manage and include many diverse environments both indoors and out with noise, weather and equipment needing to be considered. Digital technology with its clever audio features means that modern handsets will cut out background noise, while automatically adjusting the volume to ensure optimum sound.


Your attendees should feel safe and welcome from arrival to departure.  Our staff treats each attendee with the same enthusiasm and politeness.  Hire a professionals that embody your values.

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